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NewsPosted by Yxmarder Wed, August 08, 2012 14:46:26

Over the years we have received plenty of fan-mails with attached images of our covers or group photos, often edited beyond recognition and with much varied quality. In some cases we have received ideas better than our own, and that's what we hope will be the outcome of this competition.

All contributions will be published and commented on this site.

Winner: Wins a cd, vinyl and a shirt (probably covered with his/her design).

Second: Wins a vinyl.

Third: Wins a cd.


You have to use the painting presented below in some shape or form. The painting is made by Yxmarder. If you can't find logos or icons in any other way you are welcome to mail me and I will assist you.

Link to fullsize picture: (the picture might be presented upside down, so make sure it looks like below before starting to work with it).

If you want to include the title of the album on the cover it's: Diktat Deliberi.

Deadline: 20th of August. Send your contribution to

We look forward to see your versions of our creative darkness.

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