To master a beast

NewsPosted by Yxmarder Thu, March 08, 2012 23:01:37

Right now im only eager to release our sixth album. Nothing can go wrong. The mix sounds amazing and will most certainly improve when mastered. The beast is lured in to the cage, not tamed, but satisfyingly roaring after the beat of our whip. We are expecting the master to arrive tomorrow and very soon after that you will get a tease of the final blast. The record will contain eight tracks of furious black metal. We call it:

Diktat deliberi

1. Livsbesmittad
2. Skapelseförfall
3. Blod och Aska
4. Vit Skit
5. Ulvens Tid
6. Evangeli
7. I Evighet
8. Ritual

We have been collaberating with an local artist regarding the cover. This is how it looks this far:

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