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NewsPosted by Yxmarder Tue, August 28, 2012 16:39:35

Our experiment with letting the public create a cover for us must be considered as a failure. On the other hand it's a lot to ask of someone, to put down that kind of time and energy in something that most likely don't end up on the cover.

But we got some suggestions, and some of them where quite ravishing. The two top contenders will be presented below while the top position has been reserved for the acknowledged Italian artist Lorenzo Mariani, who took on the job last week. He's doing an interpretation of my painting and will add some fucking magic to it. Hence the release date of our sixth crusade against piety comes closer, just like the end of the Maya calender...huuhhh

Cover competition results:

1. Lorenzo Mariani, check him out at:

2. Michael (aka The Slanderer) from Noisegoat Productions. He mailed me his version only one day after the competition got public. That was appreciated. Also he made it look like a death metal album from -88, which is fantastic, but unfortunatly not suiting for us. Hard to know such thing though! You will get your free vinyl as soon as it's pressed.

3. A guy who called himself Elohimpathy send us a more black metalish version on the last day of the competition, still appreciated though. It's dark, stylish and got potential, but at the same time it's boring and horrendously forgettable. I got some references to the Norwegian psychoblackjazz band Shining, and that rewarded you a third place. The free cd is coming your way.

Enough about that. Next thing up is the video presentations of each song. The first part will be out next week, If everything pans out timewise, and will shed some light over what influenced the making of the song, the lyrics and thoughts behind it and also give you some good samples.

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