Opening the gates

NewsPosted by Propaganda Mon, February 13, 2012 23:32:47
Years of silence have ceased.
After was laid to rest there were no intention of ever having a website again. Yet, the Myspace page lingered on for a while. In the beginning with at least a hint of maintenance. But even that site soon turned into shit and it was probably years since anyone last logged into that account, and since that the digital spirit of Blodsrit has been drifting.
A fanpage on Facebook has been up and running for a while, but since misanthropes by nature generally avoid human infested places such as that the craving for a stand-alone site has been high.

This page is therefor a new dawn for the ones hungering for Blodsrit.

We will try to continually update this site with essential propaganda regarding both the old releases and happenings during the coming days until we have raced through the last 14 years and reached present day.

If by any chance there are photos or videos lying around for no good reason in your harddrives, feel free to submit them for future exploitation upon this wall.




To state what was stated on the previous site:
•We have no intention of making friends. Pointless emails will be ignored.
•Blodsrit do not trade items
•Blodsrit do not give away free items. No matter who you are!
-Promotional matters should be adressed to the label.

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